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    An espresso bar which welcomes you in with exposed brickwork and the scent of arabica. 

    Saint-Jacques District


    With 15 years’ experience in the world of marketing, Mousa Ben Messoud wanted to embark on an adventure he saw as more real, more authentic. In order to do so, he had to learn to view his business as a small independent, necessarily more modest than his old workplace.
    Mellow Concept Store


    Atrium enabled Mousa to refine his business idea. The Agency encouraged the ambitious Brussels-based barista to focus solely on coffee to begin with, using his existing expertise.


    Today, it is hard to imagine a time before Yuka: the garish late-night convenience store of old has given way to a New York-style coffee shop. The menu has its fair share of teas, hot chocolates, juices and homemade cakes, but its clear that coffee is king. In the centre of the counter, a brand new Marzocco oversees proceedings.
    St-Jacques - Yuka - Portrait

    Il y a une grande différence entre ce qu’on veut faire et ce qu’on peut faire. Je voyais les choses en grand, les coachs d’Atrium m’ont recadré afin de rendre mon projet viable. J’avance aujourd’hui à petits pas mais je sais que les fondations de Yuka sont solides, car réalistes !

    Mousa Ben Messoud
    Fondateur, Yuka
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