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    A fleeting space which gives the starters of Brussels the opportunity to test their products at a lower cost, while giving a new look to rue de Namur.

    Quartier Mont des Arts


    At the convergence of the Porte de Namur, Boulevard de Waterloo, Toison d’Or and Mont des Arts neighborhoods, rue de Namur struggled to attract the great flow of customers generated by the surrounding streets. The unusually high turnover of shops led to commercial instability.


    Listening to emerging trends, Atrium initiated projects which anticipate and shape the commerce of tomorrow. The Agency made the temporarily vacant premises of a former ministry available to around ten Belgian creators. Atrium also took advantage of its presence at the heart of rue de Namur to address the identity and positioning of the artery, through projective exercises and panels of users and traders.


    The occupation of this 500 m2 space under full reconversion has helped reduce the commercial vacancy, putting rue de Namur in the spotlight, generating virtuous circles for all nearby businesses and creators who have come to test their business concept.

    It is extremely difficult for a new brand to get itself known. By offering us this huge glass area on a very busy street, Atrium gave us real visibility and brought us together around a common project.

    Valérie Bourgoin
    Ontwerpster, Orane & Enora
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