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    Urban Gardener


    The man who has succeeded in sustaining life …in a jar.


    The Challenge

    Dominic López lives in the city. And like all city dwellers, he knows only too well the sad destiny of house plants. A fleeting interest, quite quickly eclipsed by the turmoil of their existence, which inevitably relegates them to a corner of the living room, with only their bitter thirst for attention as company.
    A solution to this therefore germinated in the head of the apprentice gardener: self-sustaining mini-ecosystems under glass. But how could such a specialist concept be developed?

    The Mission

    After training with Job Yourself, the budding gardener believed that he was ready to bring his idea to fruition. He therefore invested in the Auberge Espagnole for a period of two months. Created by Atrium, this pop-up shop, located just a stone’s throw from the Place Jourdan, allows potential retailers to test their concept as cheaply as possible.

    Faced with the success of this experience, and benefiting from personalised coaching in social media and marketing strategies, Dominic took the plunge and opened his own point of sale. Atrium helped him to find suitable premises before putting him in contact with the owner. The Agency also urged him to submit an application for the OpenSoon grant, which he subsequently received.

    The Outcome

    Some try, in vain, to put Paris in a bottle. Dominic, though, has simply succeeded in putting life in a jar.
    His mini-ecosystems are individual worlds, created directly from nature and its components: Little Neverland, Sandy Beach, Sun in a Jar, … Tropical, temperate or arid – in the eyes of amazed city dwellers they sometimes evoke a prairie in Arizona, a forest in the Amazon, or a forest in the Ardennes.
    Whether you are green-fingered or all fingers and thumbs, these mini-systems look after themselves. Providing, of course, you follow the recommendations of their eminent creator …
    Urban Gardener Fondateur | Atrium.Brussels

    For a project owner working alone, Atrium.Brussels lends you an ear to talk things through, a shoulder to lean on and eyes through which you can see yourself. Its coaches all have their own skill set: their backing gave me the feeling of being supported, by checking the soundness of my project at each and every stage.


    Dominic López
    founder, Urban Gardener


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