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    A menu that hits the mark without having to draw.

    Saint-Pierre District

    The Challenge

    Valérie has always had the utmost respect for good food. As a child, her parents took her on gastronomy tours to introduce her to the pleasures of the culinary arts. So, when life tapped her on the shoulder, Valérie abandoned the media and film programming to go back to her first love: food.
    Her project? A friendly place with simple and delicious dishes that would set the tone: Tontons.

    The Mission

    Atrium.Brussels put Valérie in touch with the municipality of Uccle’s Business Department to help her meet a number of permit requirement as the premises she selected needed several changes and upgrades.
    The Agency also assisted Valérie in preparing her business plan for OpenSoon.

    The Result

    There are no chequered placemats or lace curtains at Tontons. But, the salamis hanging above the counter and the fresh round loaf of bread in the display immediately let you what you’ll find here: the affability of Jean Lefebvre, the authenticity of Francis Blanche, a bolognese sauce as solid as Blier and, on the large verdigris board, a menu straighter than a Ventura right.
    Valérie Delange | Atrium.Brussels

    I applied for subsidies from a number of different organisations. Atrium.Brussels really worked with me. The members are accessible and very knowledgeable. They had the right answers and their ability to handle all of the procedures and follow-up on my file immediately made things much clearer!

    Valérie DELANGE
    Founder, Tontons
    Like Valérie, challenge YOUR concept!
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