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    Swiss watches keeping Brussels’ time

    Grand-Place District


    After Germany, Austria, Italy and France, the Swatch group has completed its tour of Europe, bringing its watches to Belgium. Their hands stopped in front of number 42 rue de la Beurre, Brussels. Located just seconds from the Grand-Place, the coveted ground-floor space was in a UNESCO protected area and therefore subject to several regulations.
    Au marché noir


    Swatch needed to secure all necessary permissions to begin work… and complete it as soon as possible. A race against time, in which Atrium.Brussels and Impulse have been active participants. The Agency put Swatch in direct contact with the Business Alderwoman for Brussels, before analysing the recommendations of the Directorate of Monuments and Heritage Sites regarding this retail unit.


    In November, a 86m2 pop-up store chimed out the arrival Swatch in Brussels, on rue du Beurre. Today, this has given way to a Swatch Mega Store with floorspace of 150m2. It oozes the brand’s unique atmosphere: vibrant, modern and of the moment.
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