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    Street Art Stroll

    Urban Art to liven up a walk down rue de Namur and emphasise the inextricable link between the shopping district and culture.  

    Mont des Arts District


    The Brussels Council Culture Department wanted to develop Urban Art by creating a stroll through the districts of the capital featuring frescos produced by Brussels street artists. Atrium embraces the idea that culture brings Man and the city closer together.
    Street Art


    The Agency was pleased to be part of the City of Brussels’ approach. Atrium notably raised owners’ and traders’ awareness of how attractive this project could make their district. The Agency also presented artists with a creative briefing based on its reflection on rue de Namur’s identity positioning.


    Six monumental frescos now adorn the well-presented rue de Namur. The project has fostered a new, unifying impetus amongst all actors in the district. And judging by the swarms of curious visitors, the street now has a place on the Brussels must-see map.
    Karine Lalieux | Atrium.Brussels

    When Atrium offered me the chance to participate in the revitalisation of rue de Namur, I jumped at it! It allowed me to really bring something big to the project I am developing on Street Art in the City of Brussels, but above all it helped me to fully collaborate with inhabitants and traders, in record time!

    Karine Lalieux
    Alderman for Culture and Public Cleanliness, City of Brussels
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