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    A supermarket for organic food with none of the fuss


    The challenge

    After its resounding success in Uccle and Stockel, the 100%-organic supermarket, Sequoia, decided to extend its reach within Brussels to Place Keym in Watermael-Boisfort. However one doubt remained: would the Keym Sequoia experience the same level of footfall as its bigger brothers? What could be done to make sure that the move paid off?

    The Mission

    Nicolas Dhaene dialled the number of Atrium.Brussels, who assigned the businessman to one of its coaches. Following their meeting, the latter urged Nicolas to look at the Barometer in order to find out more about the Keym District, where he was hoping to set up shop.
    Atrium then informed Nicolas about some vacant premises suitable for housing the next Sequoia, before putting him in contact with the Traders’ Association and the District Council.

    The Outcome

    The apple never falls far from the tree. Consequently, the brand new Keym Sequoia is just as bright and modern as its two elders in Brussels. It’s hard to believe that the first one opened its doors in … 1988! And just like the age of a tree can be seen from its rings, the expertise of the pioneer of organic food in Brussels can be found in its aisles.

    The Barometer provided by Atrium.Brussels contains vital information for the Brussels’ trader. Furthermore, its precision and meticulousness helped us to justify our request for finance from the bank.  We intend to open even more branches of Sequoïa; consulting the Barometer is now second nature whenever we are considering a new location within the capital.

    Nicolas Dhaene
    Sequoia, Manager
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