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    Secret Gourmand

    Secret Gourmand

    The patisserie that has made the tart its queen and its customers its loyal subjects.

    Uccle Center

    The Challenge

    In October 2009, Secret Gourmand quietly set up shop in the Marolles, producing its French tarts from rue du miroir. Very quickly the success of its tarts became so great that it had to move from this small workshop to the Chaussée de Waterloo. 2015 saw the arrival of its younger brother in the Châtelain. Its younger sister wasn’t far behind… But where should they set up this new member of the family?

    The Mission

    Atrium.Brussels has followed Gérald Evers ever since he launced his concept in 2009, suggesting Les Ateliers des Tanneurs to him to help with its development. The Agency then supported the brand throughout its opening, advising on the shopping districts where the concept would be a success. It was therefore only natural that Gérald should contact Atrium again for the opening of his third point-of-sale in Uccle. The Agency agreed to back his choice of district before placing a sticker on its window announcing this latest opening.

    The Outcome

    At Secret Gourmand, there is the feeling that everything is pared back so that the focus lies solely on the queens of the shop: the tarts. Sweet, savoury, with ganache or fruit custard, their majesties reign supreme, bestowing meringue-filled blessings on newly acquired customers.

    It hasn’t taken long for the Uccle palace to capitulate: rumour has it that they have been very quick to succumb…
    Gerald Evers | Atrium.Brussels

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    Gérald Evers
    Founder, Secret Gourmand
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