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    Reassignment of the Marolles fire station

    A commercial identity for the former fire station at la Place du Jeu de Balle.

    Marolles neighborhood


    For a long time, the very popular Place du Jeu de Balle had given its many visitors little to see, with barren or unattractive premises. So the neglected former fire station in Marolles was the ideal birthplace for a project to showcase the identity of the neighborhood, enhancing its attractiveness.
    Mellow Concept Store


    In collaboration with Minale Design Strategy and Suède 36, Atrium put together a prospective outline for Marolles. Within this document of some 50 pages, Atrium developed the identity and positioning of the neighborhood to offer a series of operational measures with a view to improving the attractiveness of the neighborhood by 2020.

    Amongst the measures proposed, the Agency recommended converting the former fire station at la Place du Jeu de Balle into a harmonious commercial hub, with a HORECA area in the central pavilion and additional businesses at the flea market in the adjacent gallery.


    In partnership with the Brussels Land Management Agency, owner of the premises, Atrium promoted the establishment of businesses focused on recovery and active transformation. The “Old Market” focuses on traders of raw materials. Customers, meanwhile, say they are delighted to be able to cross the famous threshold to the firehouse where Pin Pon runs a warm and no-fuss kitchen.

    La Ville de Bruxelles a pu compter sur l’expertise et le savoir-faire d’Atrium pour définir une affectation forte. Rigoureuse, l’Agence a mené une enquête préliminaire pour établir le profil des habitués et des visiteurs des lieux, tout en cernant adéquatement le tissu commercial existant et souhaité. Trois ans plus tard, l’îlot jouit d’une indéniable attractivité.

    Mohamed Ouriaghli
    Échevin de la Gestion des propriétés de la Régie foncière, Ville de Bruxelles
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