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    Le Phare du Kanaal

    A co-working space right on the water

    Canal District

    The Challenge

    Hanna believed that Brussels lacked a space where people could exchange ideas and communicate, an alternative to the clash of noisy bars and quiet libraries. She wanted to develop a work space that fell somewhere between a cafeteria and an office, between the earth and the sea, right in the capital: le Phare du Kanaal (the Canal Lighthouse).

    The Mission

    Although the anchorage quickly was pinpointed, the young French woman was soon held up by administrative twists and turns: the ground floor was not licensed to prepare and serve food and beverages and the building did not have the correct planning permission.
    Atrium.Brussels came with the trainee captain to the planning authorities and met with the owner. The Agency then placed stickers on the Phare windows for the entire duration of the works.

    The Result

    The building with the dubious façade became the district flagship in just a few months. People lounge around or brainstorm as a team or individually, curled up in an armchair or perched on a stool. Time goes by as the old wooden floor creaks away and Julien’s culinary creations waft through the building.
    Portrait Hana Bonnier Phare du Kanaal

    Les relations d’Atrium avec la Commune ont facilité l’acquisition du permis d’urbanisme.  Via le jury de la Bourse OpenSoon, je suis entrée en contact avec l’architecte d’intérieur qui s’est chargée de l’aménagement du Phare. J’ai également pu profiter des conseils avisés de la conseillère design de l’Agence !

    Hanna Bonnier
    Fondatrice, Phare du Kanaal
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