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    A café where books are devoured and the menu is read.

    Van Meenen District


    Parade was the result of a desire to offer the district straightforward literature without complicated plays on words. And Sarah knows shelfloads of books! She just needed to find time to put her ideas to paper and find the location to place her books.


    After training with Céraction, Sarah went to Village Partenaire to develop her business plan and her OpenSoon pack. Atrium.Brussels then supported her in her search for the right premises. The Agency facilitated her contact with the owner before putting her in touch with an interior designer for the building works.  


    Between the heathered furniture and the counter with its mouth-watering provisions reigns supreme a large wooden library that is remarkable for its exclusively Belgian contents. Home-grown writers and publishers take us visitors on a journey over coffee or lunch. They sometimes turn up boldly at the literary café to offer a reading or a workshop, a parade for the imagination. 
    Parade | Atrium.Brussels

    Atrium has in-depth knowledge of the different districts of Brussels and of local actors. Its coaches are always available and watch over their proteges, even after projects have been started up. And I still receive regular visits from people who followed me at Atrium.

    Sarah Riguelle
    Founder, Parade
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