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    Mike and Becky

    Mike and Becky

    The very essence of chocolate, from Denmark to Venezuela

    Vanderkindere district

    The Challenge

    Wasn’t it a little presumptuous for a Russian and a German to take the initiative to import chocolate … to Brussels? No, not when it’s done with passion! Mike & Becky is the story of a couple who discovered a love for this cocoa delicacy when they stumbled across an artisan chocolate café … in Prague.
    Such purity that they just had to share it. After the success of their online shop, Julia and Björn decided to open their tasting room/workshop/shop at a respectable distance from the souvenir shops selling industrial chocolate in the capital.

    The Mission

    Where should they set up? To answer this question, Björn and Julia knocked on the door of Atrium.Brussels. The Agency used its Barometer to go over everything with them in order to identify the districts which seemed to match their concept, before showing them the premises vacant there.
    Atrium then advised them on the subsidies available to them as well as the organisations that they should contact in this respect.

    The Result

    Nine out of then people love chocolate, and the tenth is lying. But lies have no place at Mike & Becky: the transported cocoa beans are traced from the producer to the grinder, for the sake of the transparency specific to the American “bean to bar” movement. No added sugar, no preservatives: the quintessence of the cocoa, in an exquisite design.The fifty or so bars on the wooden shelving, with their Danish, Polish or Vietnamese labels, are just as good as those found in the larger chocolatiers. On a slate by the entrance, there is a clear message: “Chocolate doesn’t ask questions, chocolate understands”.

    When you let the first dark square melt on your tongue, you too will understand.

    I received excellent monitoring and plenty of advice from Atrium. Its quick AND free services are a considerable help when you’re deciding to start out as an independent … The only fly in the ointment: the visibility of these organisations, which all too often go unrecognised. That’s why I’m talking about it now!

    Björn Becker
    Like Björn , surround yourself with the best!!
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