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    Le P’tit Beur

    A timeless delicatessen-bistro, with creaking armchairs and walls that speak



    Fouad Zabata is a man of the world. After 12 years in the catering industry, he embarked on an initiatory journey to discover his roots as well as other regions. On his return, he wished to turn the Land into a locality. Le P’tit Beur should be a concentration of all his accumulated discoveries, being both chic and casual, European and Oriental, and 100% organic. But how will he accomplish this journey according to law?



    Following the strong support offered, ÎLES asbl led Fouad to Atrium.Brussels to prepare for his opening. The Agency firstly put Fouad in touch with the Councillor for Economic Development of Saint-Gilles District and informed the traveller of the conditions of his commercial lease. Atrium then placed a sticker on the shop window of 4, avenue Dejaer, announcing to the residents the forthcoming arrival of an organic delicatessen in the district.


    His ear pressed against the walls steeped in history, Fouad patiently took it upon himself to strip the partition walls from their multiple layers of wallpaper, as if defeating the nimbi of time. His watch and his damp sponge have stopped on a majestic flowered paper from the Belle Epoque.
    In this bistro, Italy is found on the shelves, Asia in its delicacy, Morocco in its audacity…and Belgian soil in the fruit crates and vegetable compartments.

    My coach at Atrium urged me to proceed in steps. She directed me to the competent persons, prior to proposing an opening sticker. Seeing my business’ logo on the shop window touched me greatly, my project and my arrival in the quarter materialized in an instant. From then onwards, my opening was eagerly anticipated, and it has been nothing but a resounding success.

    Fouad Zabata
    Fondateur, P'tit Beur
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