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    La French Épicerie

    La French Épicerie

    An endless source of French regional foods


    The Challenge

    If we were to calculate Isabelle Porcel’s ROI, there’s a good chance the calculator would become enthusiastic: a graduate of business school, the Picardy native has accumulated experience in the field without ever suffering a loss. And, having barely arrived in Brussels, she wanted to put on an apron again to renew ties with local patrons.
    Originally from the town of Compiegne, she didn’t need a market study to immediately understand the potential of a French fine foods shop in Brussels, where the concept has hardly been explored…

    The Mission

    Isabelle normally uses local agencies to find commercial outlets. She contacted Atrium.Brussels which offered to take her on a retail tour of the municipality of Uccle. In the end, an old pharmacy on Saint-Job Square caught her eye. Atrium put her in touch with the owner, then put a sticker on her front window during the renovation work.

    The resultat

    If the horn of plenty were a grocer’s…
    You can look, but you won’t find any free space at all on the French Epicerie’s well-stocked shelves. Unless, of course, you decide to act recklessly and upset the established order by removing a pot of Corsican lemon jam or a foie gras terrine.
    The counter, not to be outdone, is home to Tome de Savoie, goose rillette, Comté, aged 18 months, and real Paris-style cooked ham.

    Slipped between two slices of crisp Callier sandwich bread or carefully wrapped in Kraft paper, these foods will soon meet up with Provençale mustard, virgin olive oil or a grilled aubergine riste.

    And the rustle of the paper, the creaking of the glass door and your gently swaying shopping bag will be whisper just one word to you: MORE.
    Isabelle Porcel, Fondatrice, la French Épicerie

    Organisations like Atrium.Brussels stimulate entrepreneurship. We hadn’t even arrived in Belgium yet and we already had an appointment with our coach! She was an outstanding facilitator who looked for premises that would be of interest to us and immediately put us in touch with the owner. This responsiveness gained our trust and helped build an excellent relationship.

    Isabelle Porcel
    Founder, La French Epicerie
    Like Isabelle, surround yourself with the best!
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