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    La Basse Cour

    La Basse-Cour

    An urban feeder and waterer nestled away at the end of the Chaussée d’Ixelles

    Flagey District

    The Challenge

    What does the son of a winegrower from the Languedoc do when he moves to Brussels? He opens a wine bar. And what does this wine merchant do when, over the years, a wide range of Belgian flavours start to appeal to his palate, thereby increasing the variety of wines to offer. He opens a bar, la Basse-Cour, the Farmyard, serving wine AND French-Belgian food.

    The Mission

    Five years ago, the young expatriate had been looking for an organisation that could guide him in his various endeavours: Atrium.Brussels. The Agency supported Henri until he opened La Trinquette. When he launched his second business, he was anxious to get his project approved by his former coach.

    The latter encouraged him to apply for the OpenSoon grant, which was successfully awarded, before suggesting that he put a sticker on his window, announcing that he was moving into the district.


    It is half past six in the evening. In Flagey, that’s the time for pre-dinner drinks A passerby peers in through the window of 347, Chaussée d’Ixelles. La Basse-cour, as you would expect from any farmyard , … is full of cackling, screeching and squawking! There’s a real racket.

    Hanging from the ceiling, old glass jars once full of grandma’s plum jam and foie gras radiate a satiny light. If you close your eyes, you would swear you could hear the crackling of the wood fire in the hearth. On the wall, Master Fox is licking his lips, just like in La Fontaine’s famous fable, the Crow and the Fox. That mackerel rillette must certainly be worth a cheese.

    Aan het plafond bokalen die weleer met pruimenjam en foie gras waren gevuld en die nu voor een diffuse verlichting zorgen. Je kunt er haast het houtvuur in de haard horen knappen. Aan de muur likkebaardt Meester de Vos. Deze makreelpastei is wel een kaas waard, zou ik denken.

    I always have an idea in my head. With this concept, the coaches at Atrium are helping to make it a reality by honing it, but without distorting it. Five years ago, I discovered an ideal ally in the Agency, with its in-depth knowledge and valuable contacts, firmly anchored in the city. Totally indispensable!

    Henri de Vergeron
    founder, la Basse-Cour
    Calaveras | Atrium.Brussels

    Atrium.Brussels was het ontbrekende stukje voor mijn administratieve puzzel. Mijn coach zocht rechtstreeks contact met de Grondregie, zodat ik de locaties zo snel mogelijk kon gaan bekijken. Aandachtig, snel en efficiënt!

    Cédric Volon
    Oprichter, Cavaleras
    Like Henri, surround yourself with the best!
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