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    A beauty corner whose mirrors reflect the appeal of natural cosmetics



    Marie and Charlotte Brabant have always complemented each other. While her older sister made up stars, the younger sister wowed people with her popular Brussels Vintage Markets. Then, one day, life took a decisive turn. The timing was right: it was the go-ahead they had been waiting for to completely change their lives. But, where to start?


    Marie had the concept and Charlotte the passion. Atrium.Brussels worked to find the right place. After spending some time at Village Partenaire to prepare their business plan, the Brabant sisters explored the streets of Saint-Gilles with their coach and met the owner of 37, rue Tasson Snel. It was the obvious choice given how well the atmosphere matched the IDYL concept. As a beautiful last touch (start?), Atrium encouraged the pair to submit an application for the OpenSoon grant, which they received.


    “Loving yourself is the greatest revolution”.
    Such is IDYL’s slogan for the “conscious” beauty and hair salon just around the corner from Place Stephanie. The revolution is apparent as soon as you pass through the sea-green door: the delicate shelves with copper reflections are full of 100% natural products, custom-made in house.
    The setting is intimate, quiet and slightly nostalgic; your voice becomes hushed as soon as you enter. Enterprising plants with curious ramifications, stretch out adventurously, escaping their multiple containers to end their journey in a daring bun.
    And on the stools, customers put their full trust in the expert hands of their hosts and drift away…to their idyll.
    fondatrice IDYL | Atrium.Brussels

    I’ve tried nearly all of the services offered by Atrium.Brussels. It’s very simple: my sister and I entered the Agency with an idea and we came out with…a business. Retail tour, the search for premises, the setting of the lease, plus the OpenSoon grant, which made the adventure even more thrilling.

    Charlotte Brabant & Marie Brabant
    co-founders, IDYL


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