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    A Nordic hinterland refuge with organic fruit juices and packaging-free salads.

    Janson District


    Olivia and Julien thought there weren’t enough coffee shops in Brussels. At least, not enough of those cosy and timeless little hideaways away from the hubbub of the city, that are found so readily in London or Berlin. All they had to do was find the place to implement their idea.
    Hinterland | Atrium.Brussels


    The couple made contact with Atrium.Brussels who sent them to Village Partenaire to develop their business plan. The Agency then provided them with its Barometer, enabling them to target their district before searching together for the right premises.


    Vegetable smoothies, salads, gluten-free pastries: a far cry from the raclettes of Savoie or the stews of mountain regions. And yet Hinterland does have a deliciously cocoon-like atmosphere. Is it the wall made of warm bricks?
    Or the fur that covers the stools? Or the sparkling alpine herb drinks in the fridge? Whatever the case may be, when you sit behind the great windows it feels like a mountain refuge on a cold winter’s day. With captivating animals right before your eyes, and tempting smells assailing you.
    Hinterland | Atrium.Brussels

    The Barometer is the reference tool to help you find the right district for your idea! We hesitated with Châtelain; data on footfall and shoppers’ requirements tipped the balance towards Janson district and we have no regrets about our choice.

    Olivia Soille
    Co-founder, Hinterland
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