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    A tasting room for Portuguese delights, just a few metres from the founding house.

    Janson neighborhood


    For Joaquim Braz de Oiveira, the challenge was to transpose the intimate and warm atmosphere of the Petit Forcado pâtisserie at 190c, Chaussée de Charleroi, to a just as welcoming but also larger Forcado.


    The network of Atrium creators was set up to promote the creation of synergies between tradespeople and stakeholders in the desired field. This is how the Agency put the Braz de Oliveira family in contact with design and decoration professionals.


    Forcado’s pastéis are now enjoyed in a sizeable room with a modern and distinctive design. The atmosphere remains warm and authentic like the Lusitanian sun, with gourmet puff pastry treasures.

    Dankzij Atrium vonden we ons grafisch bureau, Codefrisko en onze binnenhuisarchitect, Sébastien Pochet. En daar zijn we heel blij om!

    Joaquim Braz de Oliveira
    Baas en zoon, Forcado
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