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    Färm Bascule

    An urban farm where everybody pitches in

    Bascule District

    The Challenge

    Färm started in 2012 ,with a clear intention: to create a cooperative-based business model for the sale of sustainable food, preferably organic, local and seasonal, direct to customers. The brand filled the gap between the organic store and the supermarket and seems to have slipped into seven-league boots since it opened, covering three districts in as many years. Little Thumbling then opened the first franchised Färm, in September 2016. But where should he scatter the pebbles?

    The Mission

    Jean-David Couderc knew a thing or two about Färm. But maybe less so about the habits of a district where he wanted to create his own opening. So Atrium undertook to carry out a retail tour, with the co-Färmer, of the area around rue Vanderkindere, providing during their walk information on the types of retail outlet in the area, daily footfall, shoppers’ expectations, etc.

    The Outcome

    Like its cousins, Färm Bascule is a generously sized and carefully arranged store. Customers stroll through it at their own pace, past wooden shelves and dispensers of loose products. But the first franchise store and the fourth store to bear the company name does have one exclusive feature: a section dedicated to loose herbs, offering hundreds of handpicked plants.
    Jean-David Couderc Gérant de Färm Bascule | Atrium.Brussels

    Atrium.Brussels is a very professional team. Its coaches understand the needs of retailers and offer them ongoing support. This is just the beginning of a great relationship!

    Jean-David Couderc
    co-manager of, Färm Bascule
    Like Jean-David, test the waters!
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