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    A restaurant catering to individual desires, with a colourful, organic, gourmet menu.

    Botanique area


    Raphaëlle had a great desire to open her own restaurant. But commercial property costs were greater still in Saint-Gilles and Ixelles, where the former Botanic Garden communications officer wanted to set up her business.
    Mellow Concept Store


    Atrium encouraged Raphaëlle to consider Schaerbeek; the commune was then launching a project tender to renovate an old tavern, whose reopening was awaited impatiently by the district’s customers, as the Agency’s panels and surveys demonstrate.


    Cosily installed in an annex of the Maison des Arts, away from the gazes and noise of the Chaussée de Haecht, the Tavern is a haven, which attracts custom with its cosy setting and its spontaneity. With no fixed menu – just specials, it’s carte blanche, following the manager’s fancy. It seems the icing’s on the cake.
    Botanique - Estaminet - Raphaëlle Muchery

    Je n’avais jamais imaginé m’installer dans ce quartier. Mais après quelques semaines d’ouverture, je ne regrette absolument pas mon choix. Les clients du quartier étaient en attente de ce type de restauration.

    Raphäelle Muchery
    Fondatrice, L'Estaminet
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