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    Cook & Market

    An outdoor kitchen, ingredients from the market and cookery apprentices brilliantly directed by the spatula of maestro Carlo de Pascale.

    Cardinal Mercier & Albert neighborhood


    With Cook & Market, Atrium aimed to promote and boost the attractiveness of markets in Brussels through quality food.
    Mellow Concept Store


    Through an original marketing strategy, Atrium’s goal is to invigorate the districts of Brussels. The Agency therefore invited the media frenzy Carlo de Pascale, co-founder of Mmmmh!, to lead culinary workshops at organic markets in Jette and Forest.


    On four occasions during the summer of 2015, the high priest of Brussels cuisine donned his hat and trained around 20 apron-wearing groups in a solemn quest for fresh produce. The market has a direct impact on the vitality and attractiveness of shopping districts. Cook & Market playfully contributes to the influence of districts and the development of their markets.
    Cardinal Mercier - Cook & Market - Mmmmh! - Carlo de Pascale

    À Bruxelles, le marché redevient un lieu attractif avec une touche événementielle nouvelle grâce à ses échoppes à boire, ses food trucks et ses animations. Ce nouveau concept d’ateliers culinaires va dans ce sens.

    Carlo de Pascale
    Co-fondateur, Mmmmh!
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