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    Chipote & Papote

    A haberdashery where all’s fair in love and wool 

    Mérode District


    After 10 years behind a desk, Séverine decided, once and for all, to roll with her dreams of bobbins by opening a sewing and DIY boutique. Goodbye pens and computers, hello needles and sewing machines! Just one burning question remained: where to unfurl her rolls of fabric.

    Mellow Concept Store


    Atrium worked with Séverine to identify the districts which best suited her project. The Agency then organised several visits to premises which might be to the liking of the former lawyer.


    It was on Avenue des Celtes, in Mérode, that Séverine finally found the perfect spot. A space large enough to store all her threads, as well as a back room where fledgeling dressmakers can participate in various themed workshops: creating a set of baby clothes, a clutch bag, a dress, and more. Just like the name Chipote et Papote suggests, this is a place to make yourself at home, sew and chat, against the background hum of the sewing machines.

    Chipote et Papote | Atrium.Brussels

    What struck me about Atrium was their in-depth knowledge of the districts – all of them. My advisor at Atrium quickly understood what I was looking for, and tailored our search to my criteria. She also helped me to negotiate the lease with my landlord

    Séverine Kaman
    Founder, Chipote et Papote
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