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    Chez Zohra

    A “happy place” scented with saffron and fresh mint 

    Bockstael District


    When opening a business on rue Fransman, Zouhra Machtou hoped to offer residents of this district a warm, friendly space, where they could stop off and enjoy Moroccan specialities. But first, they needed to encourage passers-by to walk through the door!
    Mellow Concept Store


    Mellow Concept Store



    Under the Sustainable district contract for Bockstael, Atrium. Brussels has contributed its expertise in merchandising and improving the aesthetic appeal of shopfronts. The Agency then put Zouhra in contact with creatives specialising in design.


    A stone’s throw from place Bockstael, one establishment stands out, both for its window display, and for what’s on offer: a small, high-quality Moroccan restaurant, offering a tasty alternative to the numerous nearby snack bars. At Zohra, the soft seating welcomes you like a mother’s embrace; in one month, the restaurant has become a real “happy place”. No surprise it has become a gathering place for local shopkeepers!
    Bockstael - Zohra-logo

    I wanted a window display which shows who I am, which reflects the atmosphere of my restaurant. Today, Zohra’s shopfront is both attractive and stylish. It catches your eye and stands out from the rest of the street.”

    Zouhra Machtou
    Founder, Chez Zohra
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