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    Temporary decorations in Bockstael

    A rain of colorful stickers for shop windows flowing with life 

    Bockstael District


    The Bockstael neighbourhood is one of the most densely populated in Brussels, and its businesses are bustling. We therefore needed to bring the neighbourhood business owners together in a joint project, offering them an initiative which brings businesspeople and their customers closer together and creates dialogue.


    In 2014, Bockstael adopted a Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract, with a 4 year duration. In its capacity as the Regional Commerce Agency, Atrium.Brussels established various initiatives for improving the appearance of the shopfronts in rue Fransman: training in creative window dressing, removal of outdated signs, etc. Under the Neighbourhood Contract, as part of the Summer programme, Atrium also offered business owners themed window decorations for a 3 month period.


    Rue Fransman has been showered with stickers. They have flooded around ten businesses, bathing their windows in a wave of colour. Each sticker advertises the type of business inside: dresses for clothing shops, scissors and brushes for hairdressers, plantain for the greengrocer. The collateral damage of this highly coloured deluge? Spellbound children, happy shopkeepers and the customers….they’re glued!

    I trusted Atrium and I they haven’t let me down. These stickers give new life to my window: people stop, and end up walking through the door of my shop, curious to see what’s inside, and if the stickers are telling the truth. The ones on my window are bright and colourful; it’s a bit like giving my customers a ray of sunshine- it does you good!

    Otman Fathi
    Manager, Grocery Camayou
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