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    Bo Kay

    BO KAY

    A herbalist’s shop whose artichoke leaves cleanse kidneys and warm hearts.


    The Challenge

    Jordania Lugiery isn’t difficult. When traditional medicine no longer met her needs, the young woman simply looked for answers elsewhere. This elsewhere uses nature as its laboratory and plants for its remedies: so be it!
    Jordania gained a wealth of information through her training, which she wanted to share.
    Bo Kay | Atrium.Brussels

    The Mission

    After a time at Microstart, Jordania turned to Village Partenaire and Atrium.Brussels to further her career. Her coaches encouraged her to challenge her concept and her business location. Once she found the right place, Jordania was ready to plan the layout of her shop.
    The herbalist received advice from Thibaut Surin, an urban planning consultant. He analysed different options based on the characteristics of the place and its constraints. Jordania wanted to keep some of the original furniture and add a personal touch. Thibaut drew up a complete list of alternatives presented based on the art and way of associating various materials while maintaining overall harmony.

    The Outcome

    A little cut, persistent pain, or a pressing need for some human warmth: many different problems and needs bring the residents of the Jourdan district to the Bo Kay Herbalist shop.

    Visitors start by strolling among the wood shelves and displays, taking in the spicy essences of the bulk products or discovering the medicinal properties of plants they thought they knew.

    Jordania’s explanations are fascinating. Her warm voice is captivating and her verdict always comes too soon. So visitors ask more questions, to delay the inevitable. The young woman continues her story, daubing St.-John’s Wort or hawthorn leaf oil.

    All very naturally, like her shop.

    Bo Kay | Atrium.Brussels

    Setting up a shop is a skill in itself! It requires a very professional approach to get things absolutely right. I received free specialised and relevant advice from Atrium for my shop. I decided to follow it to the letter. I wanted to make my shop a cosy, welcoming place. According to my customers, I’ve succeeded!

    Jordania Lugiery


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