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    The Auberge Espagnole-EN

    The Auberge Espagnole

    A pop-up shop incubating inspiring projects just a few steps from the Place Jourdan.

    European District


    Excited young entrepreneurs want to make exhilarating big leaps to launch their projects! But sometimes the associated risks and costs can get the better of enthusiasm. And occasionally, when performing without a safety net or with limited resources, we can fall from high…


    With the Auberge Espagnole, Atrium.Brussels wanted to offer the perfect safety net. This pop-up store aims to enable prospective traders to test out their idea as cheaply as possible and capitalise on acquired knowledge with a view to the future. This reduces the associated risks. In order to prepare them as much as possible, Atrium has decided to provide each candidate with personalised coaching based on their requirements.


    Atrium’s support ranges from defining the concept to helping with the potential set-up, including basics in marketing. The candidates see their project challenged; their coaches introduce them to various exercises to reinforce its identity. In a dynamic whirlwind, the tenants are monitored before, during and after their stay at the Auberge espagnole so that they don’t lose out on a minute of their pop-up experience.
    Drink It Fresh | Atrium.Brussels

    At Atrium.Brussels, they don’t just give you the keys to the store. I was able to benefit from some very valuable advice on communication, amongst other things, which contributed to strengthening the values and objectives of Drink It Fresh. Not to mention the networking and almost daily monitoring. It was a great experience!

    François Adam
    Co-founder, Drink it Fresh


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