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    Au Marché Noir

    A take-away counter for dishes of the day, with good products that are free of pesticides, picked from the field in the morning to be on the plate by the evening.

    Van Meenen neighborhood


    Having developed through the crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank, Jérôme and Martin’s concept was already very successful. It was therefore essential for them to find an establishment that would give them every chance of success.
    Au marché noir


    Atrium shared its knowledge of the area and local stakeholders with the two starters. A retail tour organised by the Agency across Saint-Gilles ended with a lightning strike at 36, avenue Adolphe Demeur. Through Inventimmo, Atrium put Jérôme and Martin in contact with the owner.


    Just a stone’s throw from the Saint-Gilles town hall, with Jérôme in the kitchen and Martin at the counter, Au Marché Noir offers slow food in recyclable containers. Whether eating in or taking away, the two daily meals can be enjoyed for prices ranging from €6 to €12.
    Van Meenen - Au marché noir - Martin Ringlet

    Nous avons visité de nombreux biens avec la Retail Consultant Manager d’Atrium. Sans elle, nous n’aurions pas pu savoir que le bien qui nous séduisait le plus était à louer. Elle nous a mis en contact avec le propriétaire qui nous a immédiatement fait confiance.

    Martin Ringlet
    Co-fondateur, Au Marché Noir
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