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    Dominique Dupont & L’Atelier Bleu

    Dominique Dupont & L’Atelier Bleu

    A collaboration as tight as the denim


    The Challenge

    Paracetamol, aleve, ibuprofen… for 25 years, Dominique has juggled molecules like other people do up their shirt – without even thinking about it. In 2014 she decided to give them even more space in her life, joining forces with another pharmacist a hunderd meters away from her old local, which she owned.

    The Mission

    Atrium.Brussels noted the closure of the pharmacy and contacted Dominique to discuss the future of the retail unit and to put a partnership in place.
    The Agency’s standpoint was that a quality, long-term business is a guarantee of profitability for the owner and, equally, demonstrates the vitality of the unit and the district. Rue Lesbroussart, with high footfall and ideally located, has always been very popular among aspiring retailers./span>

    The Outcome

    After redecorating and rearranging her pharmacy, Dominique sought motivated traders ready to set up a quality project in her unit.

    Atrium.Brussels was quick to inform the candidates whose plans were most in keeping with the district. These included Jordan and Missak of Atelier Bleu who immediately fell for the charms of this place with its multiple possibilities.

    Because fate is a good provider, the feelings were mutual… And Missak and Jordan’s compass pointed them in the direction of Place Flagey, to their great delight and that of the owner.

    At that time I was living next to the local Atrium office for Flagey district. We were neighbours, so to speak. Then, when the Agency contacted me for further information about the rental terms for my premises, I found out about the profile of my contacts: friendly and efficient!

    Dominique Dupont
    Owner, L'Atelier Bleu
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