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    Apple Thaï

    Appel Thaï

    A fragrant escape in the middle of the Anderlecht countryside


    The Challenge

    For 22 years, Minh NGuyen was the boss of Hong Hoa, a family restaurant not far from La Bourse, in Brussels. However, when the pedestrianisation of the large boulevards was announced, the young Belgian Thai wanted the roast duck and chicken with crispy vegetables that had given his restaurant such a good reputation to be savoured in a quieter location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But between the lakes in Genval and the leafy Anderlecht countryside, which peaceful spot should he choose?

    The Mission

    Going from 25 to 120 covers is not a decision to be taken lightly… Min Thy therefore contacted Atrium.Brussels in the hope of getting professional advice on choosing where to set up. The Agency encouraged him to opt for Anderlecht; with the location chosen, an old restaurant converted into a party venue fitted the bill perfectly for the type of customers Apple Thai wanted to attract.
    The Agency then prepared a sign for him for during the works, before promoting his opening on Facebook.

    The Resultat

    In the rue du pommier, in Anderlecht, all of shops have pertinent names. Apple Thai doesn’t depart from this tradition, even if Min Thy Nguyen has broken new ground by combining urban bistro decor with fine Thai cuisine. Those who are more fortunate will be able to sit under one of the pagodas in the large, shaded garden, whilst taking care not to disturb Buddha’s meditation.
    The only condition? To make a reservation beforehand, as tables quickly become scarce in this paradise for the senses.

    I was looking for professional advice; I definitely came to the right place! The coaches at Atrium.Brussels are competent, efficient and constantly focused, an all-important quality in the commercial world. I will certainly go back to Atrium.Brussels for any future projects.

    Min Thy Nguyen
    founder, Apple Thai
    Like Min Thy, surround yourself with the best!
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