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    – 28 september 2016 –

    Always on the lookout for emerging commercial practices, Atrium.Brussels has been examining the current trend for pop-ups. After a year of analyses and investigations, the Agency would like to invite you to discover more about its research, by plunging into the ephemeral universe of the pop-up shop on Friday 28 October from 10 o’clock onwards at the Orangery in the Felix Hap Garden, Etterbeek.

    In Belgium, 3 temporary shops open every day. It is therefore vital for Atrium.Brussels to be able to follow this trend, thereby fulfilling the aspirations of Brussels customers and acting as a particularly innovative and effective lever, both for the retailers and the local authorities.

    POP INIdentity profile of the pop-up shop

    As its name suggests, the pop-up shop is a temporary shop, open for a short period. Multifaceted, it can be adapted to all types of offerings, to all tastes and to all budgets. It gradually grows, both in terms of space and time.

    Nevertheless, it has been important to map the identity of the Brussels pop-up shop. In the first part of its study, Atrium.Brussels has tackled the question of the pop-up shop from a theoretical standpoint. The objective has been to define and better understand the phenomenon: its emergence, its DNA, its stakeholders, its challenges, its advantages and disadvantages.

    POP UP : the experimental framework of the Auberge Espagnole

    Atrium has drawn on its first-hand experience to list the good and not so good practices in managing a temporary business. In particular, the Agency evaluated two projects in 2015: Pop-up Artisans in Saint-Gilles and Jette, and WIP on the rue de Namur in Brussels.

    The project [the Auberge Espagnole] launched in May 2016 in Etterbeek, allowed Atrium to consolidate its expertise and to empirically check all of the advice given within the second part of its study. The various occupants of this European pop-up shop set up just a few steps from the Place Jourdan have been able to test their concept at the least cost; they will share their experiences with you.

    POP OPEN : the pop-up as a tool

    The benefits of the pop-up are not just felt by the founders and their customers: the owners and the municipalities can also find it worthwhile. Our capital has been measuring all of its potential, as demonstrated by the involvement of the Brussels Alderman for Culture and the Alderman for the Middle Classes in Etterbeek, Jean Laurent. Are you ready for a journey to an ephemeral world? LET’S POP!

    September 28, 2016
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