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    –  16 februari 2016 –

    Of course, Orangina Red Bull  and a certain brand inviting us to    “open happiness” still have the lion’s share. However, increasing customer awareness of what they eat and drink could very soon allow a new kind of soda to have its day in the sun, in the fridges and bars of Brussels. Analysis of an on-trend, non-conformist product with potential to stand out.

    Beer, soft drinks, the same struggle

    Refreshing, small batch, locally produced drinks, almost always made from natural ingredients. The current trend in sodas mirrors the recent upsurge in craft beers. Indeed, just like craft  beers – with the rise of the micro-brewery – soft drinks are currently experiencing a real revolution, even more palpable on the other side of the Atlantic.

    Known as the world’s biggest fizzy drink fans, Uncle Sam’s kids have become far more particular in their drinking habits, increasingly questioning the quality of the bubbles they consume. Could America be going off soft drinks? Not really… While the traditional market is rapidly running out of steam, the niche craft soda market is making a noticeable breakthrough

    From ideological, non-conformist beginnings, there is no doubt that craft soda is now becoming mainstream.

    A cacophony of independents

    From Seattle to Miami, we are witnessing the emergence of a multitude of local producers. The craze is so great that afficionados have created Five Star Soda, a site dedicated to niche sodas, where they share their discoveries, notes and reviews. Five stars for Dublin Bottlin Works, cherry lemonade, four for Brooklyn apple and ginger soda…

    Like any luxury product, each review dissects the nose, taste and finish of the beverage! Since the creation of the platform in February 2015, over 130 sodas have been reviewed in this way… From its ideological, non-conformist beginnings, there is no doubt that craft soda is now  becoming mainstream.

    Soda Tomium and Sweet Meyboom

    Good to the taste buds, the body and the planet, craft soda is now ready to conquer a city as fond of small-scale producers as ours. It cannot be long before Brussels, where several products and a plethora of brands are already beginning to fizz, cracks open a bottle of “Soda Tomium” or “Sweet Meyboom”…

    Jérémy Vanhuffelen, trendwatcher at Atrium.Brussels


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    February 16, 2016
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