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    – 09 October 2015 –

    Since 20 August, the Schaerbeek shops have been moving to the rhythm of selfies and love notes. In the Cité des Ânes, markets and flea markets are opportunities to declare your love for your favourite tradesman.

    “Oh, look, a photo booth!“. Firmly set up between the dry sausage seller and cheese seller, the I Shop 1030 stand does not go unnoticed: a photo booth takes pride of place at the centre, while in a basket various gadgets and disguises urge passers-by to pose.

    We are at the market in the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais, converted several years ago into Apéros Urbains.  Every Friday afternoon, workers come here to lay down their arms: the square is then filled with suits and ties and high heels in transit who have come to have a drink and a bite on the run. Today, they are invited to have their photo taken and talk about their favourite Schaerbeek shop…

    Smile, you are loved

    Mohammed of Atrium does not hesitate to take the most uncertain by the hand. While they get ready, he explains the principle of I Shop 1030 to them. And Christine likes the concept: “This is an excellent initiative. This district is unique: even though we moved out over 4 years ago, I always come back to the same bakery … You see, I prefer to drive 10km and be called by my first name! “. And embody this attachment in a photo with a slate in your hand bearing the name of the cherished shop.

    “Hello Bernard! “, “‘Oh, hello Momo!” In the square, everyone knows each other, and for good reason: many of the market’s customers are none other than traders from nearby stores.

     “I can tell you the names of everyone here,” says Peter, of Frères Choucroutes, peering out over the crown, a serrano knife in his hand.  There is a queue at the counter of his tapas and homemade food stall. “I Shop 1030, is catchy, modern, infectious.” He considers the fact that the competition was launched on the social networks very innovative. “It proves that the district is lively and dynamic. It is also our only means of communication with our customers. “

    A competition amidst the aroma of “bistoukettes”

    Faouzia, a long-time Schaerbeek resident, agrees with Peter: “Our district is constantly changing. Trade is flourishing, most shops have been here for a very long time! I Shop 1030 is expected to revitalise the Chaussée d’Helmet and enable Schaerbeek residents to discover their own district, which they thought they knew well, like me! “

    And the Alderman of Trade, Etienne Noel, concludes, a home-made apple juice drink in hand: “This initiative re-establishes the customer-trader relationship in the centre. Because although the customer is king, they ultimately have little opportunity express themselves. Furthermore, although our district has many bloggers, too few traders have social networks. “

    I Shop 1030 is thus an opportunity, up to 15 October, to (re)connect all these people, by means of selfies enlivened with special beer and foie gras bistouquettes.

    What is I Shop 1030?

    I Shop 1030 is a participatory project realised by Atrium Brussels in partnership with Schaerbeek municipality. The aim is to invite users to reflect, via a photo on social networks, on their favourite Schaerbeek shops and showcase the richness of the Cité des Ânes’ commercial fabric.


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    October 9, 2015
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