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    – 4 november 2016 –

    You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Temporary they may be but pop-up stores do have to adhere to certain rules if they want to be seen as the fabled wolf himself instead of becoming his dinner (and fading into oblivion). Based on their study, Atrium.Brussels has drawn up a list of important considerations when opening a pop-up store in Brussels.

    The zebra’s stripes : stand out from the crowd

    If today’s pop-up store is flying high, it’s because it is subverting traditional consumer patterns and practices. An effective pop-up is a pop-up that is unique, offering its customers something new.

    So don’t be scared of rocking the boat: enter uncharted waters and choose, for example, one-of-a-kind (i.e. unique) products. Or an original display. Or an unlikely setting, an essential criterion, according to Juan-Manuel Torralbo, founder of the agency LE BON MIX! AGENCY: ‘Overwhelmed by competitors in a shopping centre, [your pop-up store] will arouse even more curiosity in an unexpected location. ‘

    Specifically, you need to draw your customer’s attention by offering an experience that extends beyond the product itself.

    The quote : ” You have to think out of the box to attract, to seduce the customer and to stand out from other brands.

    Tristan Pollock, founder of THE STOREFRONT

    The art of the chameleon : adapt

    There are two aspects to consider when searching for your premises: your location in a city or district, and the particular type of selling space you seek.

    So you need to find the location that suits your concept, but that also offers a space that can promote it. So where do you start? Window shopping! If you already have a district in mind, walk down its streets and look out for empty units.

    If you draw a blank on the location, consult interfaces such as Pop This Place, Nomadness, and Entrakt or contact Atrium.Brussels.  Keep in mind that if you set up in a shopping street, you will be participating in, and affecting, the life of the district, albeit temporarily. So find out about local practices and visit the district’s Business Association.

    The quote  : « Pop-up stores aim to offer a new way of shopping and should thus provide a service or product that is tailored to the potential customer. »

    Raphaële Granger, author of the book « Monter un magasin éphémère – Pourquoi, comment? »

    Eagle eye : be clear

    The watchword is originality. Provided, of course, that consumers can grasp your brand or product’s message! Effective in-store communications are understandable and memorable.

    Thus signage is a tool not to be dismissed. It can be used to show prices and useful product or brand information, or to show the way through a store. It can be visual, interactive or experimental, allowing you to give your brand and your pop-up their very own identity. And remember, too, that lighting and the ambiance it creates are crucial.

    What do you want visitors to feel?  What do you expect from them once they have opened the door of your pop-up? What do you want them to remember? These are the sorts of questions that you must ask yourself when you set up your new world. Creativity essential!

    Signalétique Auberge Espagnole | Atrium.Brussels

    The quote : « Generally, the more the space is considered and well-designed, the more people it will attract. It will also appear more professional. »

    Scott Williams, founder of Pop Up Shops Melbourne

    The strength of ants : join forces

    Strength in numbers works in many ways. Including in the world of the pop-up store.  By associating with another artisan, another brand, another entrepreneur, you double the possibilities available. With a single space, then, you can reckon on twice the capital to devote to its layout. And your sphere of influence is also extended, in that your partner/(s) customers are now your customers too.

    Before making any decisions, do make sure that your future colleagues are an exact fit for your brand’s image and that they have the same objectives as you. Having two contrasting identities in a single display can undermine both.

    A partner may be a blessing or a curse: it’s all a question of organisation. And make sure you share fairly the tasks and responsibilities, or put one person in charge. Go over all points relating to management beforehand: accounting, budget, staffing, approach to sales, event planning, etc.

    pop-up Saint-Gilles Artisans 1060 | Atrium.Brussels

    The quote : « set up collaborations with young entrepreneurs. A designer could help you with furniture and lighting, somebody starting up in hotel and catering could produce the food… In this way, you’re offering the customer an additional experience. »

    Flanders DC

    Twittering birds : communicate

    The very concept of the pop-up draws some people spontaneously. But it’s still important to communicate to attract the masses and increase your chances of success. How? By getting the attention of shoppers and by counterbalancing the temporary nature of your pop-up with communication and a sustained program of activities. Nowadays there are many inexpensive ways of distributing information.

    The press and blogs are a good way of talking about yourself without running up costs. Instead of mass communications campaigns or press releases, give preference to direct contact with journalists. Communicate regularly through social networks, and involve your followers so that they share information.

    Finally, don’t expect customers to come into your store spontaneously; make them come in by organising regular events and by involving them in workshops and panels…

    The quote : « Think about your ‘Instagram moment’ – that funny, memorable moment that will make shoppers stop in their tracks, leaving with an experience that they will share online »

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