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    HINTERLAND, COKOA, CHEZ RICHARD and JANE: winners of the Commerce Design Brussels Awards


    – 20 july 2017 –

    Four businesses supported by Atrium.Brussels were shortlisted for the judges’ prize as part of the Commerce Design Brussels, a competition which has been rewarding the best design successes in retail within the Brussels region since 2010. Out of the 36 businesses competing, 16 are branded Atrium. Is this a coincidence?

    In June, a judging panel of design professionals, including the architect Lucas Gillard, strolled through the streets of Brussels, opening the doors of twenty or so stylishly designed businesses, hand-picked from among some fifty applicants.

    Not only did the judges look at the level of attractiveness of the business’ frontage (window, signage, facade etc) but also the organisation of its space and even the experience offered to its customers (signs, shopfloor layout etc). After deliberation, ten businesses were recognised with an Award.

    Design as a differentiation tool

    Among the 36 businesses shortlisted, 16 were opened with Atrium’s assistance. Four of these feature in the top 10. And these figures are to be expected: during their meetings with tradespeople and potential tradespeople, the Agency’s coaches constantly underline the importance – and the benefits – of an attractive business.

    The services of an urban development consultant are also offered to those tradespeople who would like them. ”Design is the tool that applies a concept and a visual identity to a location”, explains Thibaut Surin, a qualified designer and interior architect. “It allows a business to distinguish itself from its competition by giving its customers a unique experience. Because, with due respect to the  forms follows function “ dear to the architect, Louis Sullivan, a “simple” design in harmony with its concept is just not enough in today’s highly competitive world of commerce.

    Anaïs Gaudemer, creator of Cokoa and competition winner, understands this well: “ Working on the design of Cokoa has allowed me to create a cosy atmosphere that doesn’t often exist in professional kitchens. If the artisan is involved in presenting their products, the design will also – and especially – express their personality. That’s what makes this prize even more rewarding, both for me and for the service providers who have contributed towards making all of these ideas a reality.

    Cokoa, the bakery with a bold, floral concept, received the judge’s prize in the 2017 Commerce Brussels Design Awards.

    Two winners for first prize

    The judges have made their decision: it’s now time for the public vote! You have until 27 September 2017 to choose your favourite(s). You should remember that by voting for a business, you are also rewarding the work of its interior designer.

    Encouraging collaboration between tradespeople and design professionals is the main aim of the Commerce Design Brussels Awards. The prizes will be awarded at the end of September, during the 2017 Awards ceremony.

    La Préface, a women’s ready-to-wear boutique opened in 2016 with Atrium’s help, is one of the 36 businesses competing for the public prize.

    July 20, 2017
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