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    – 26 april 2017 –

    Are you an innovator? Do you work in a Living Lab approach or are you particularly interested in them? On 9 May, Atrium.Lab, the Regional Agency for Commerce’s Living Lab, is co-organising the first Belgian Living Lab Day! Will you be there?

    Recent decades have seen the emergence of a new approach to innovation, where the end-users are no longer simply observers. On the contrary, they must now be seen for what they are: key players in the change process.

    Innovation by the user

    Centred on the user, Living Labs are based exclusively on co-creation. The user finds the solution to their problem themselves, with the involvement and methodological support provided by the Lab.

    Experimentation is gradually coming out from behind the closed doors of university, corporate and institutional laboratories, and is opening up in real life. An extremely fertile field of activity for Solenne Romagni, head of Development at Atrium: “The ultimate aim? To make every lab a Living Lab, in so far as the concept can provide a solution to almost all of the challenges facing society today, whether economic, environmental or even scientific!”

    In ten years, the success of Living Labs has snowballed and new innovation hubs have been developed throughout Europe and around the world, under the auspices of ENOLL. To date, the federation has identified and certified more than 400 Living Labs, throughout the 6 continents.

    What if everyone got together?

    The methods used by the Living Labs respond to specific needs, in keeping with the local context and any resultant expectations. Perhaps it is precisely this specificity that makes them fragile. A local, heterogeneous approach prevents them from successfully mobilising communities in a more general manner.

    Furthermore, Living Labs depend much too much on the way in which public enterprises perceive innovation, according to Solenne Romagni: “In order to be stronger, to have greater weight, to be a force for change, it is vital for the Living Labs to be able to exchange methods between themselves. Even if they’re not working in the same field, they’re all doing the same job!”

    What is the aim of the Belgian Living Lab Day? To make the Belgian innovation community aware of the importance and potential of Living Labs. If our small country is the European precursor for Living Labs, there is a desperate lack of exchange. There’s going to be a meeting on Tuesday 9th May at 10 o’clock at 110, chaussée de Charleroi to change this … together, of course!
    Please note that the exchanges will take place solely in English.

    April 26, 2017
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