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    Atrium.Talks : building sites in the commercial districts of Brussels


    – february, 28th 2017 –

    Eager to support the various players in the city’s urban development, Atrium.Brussels is focusing on the issue of building sites in the Brussels region. Following studies and surveys, the Agency invites you to don a hard hat and overalls on Wednesday 29 March, from 09:00 at Flagey Studio 1, and dig deeper into the building sites of Brussels.

    Since around ten major construction projects are set to begin imminently in Brussels, Atrium intends to make its study a corner stone for providing greater guidance for building projects in commercial districts, and aims to play an active role in their planning and operation from now on, in the interest of Brussels based businesses.

    A threat to the commercial balance

    A period of works within a district can spark a chain reaction, leading to reduced footfall and even the permanent closure of a business or businesses.

    What’s more, despite their exposure and relative vulnerability, business owners rarely seem to receive individual attention from the site owners and operators. In the best case scenario, they are treated as normal users, in terms of communication, planning and management of urban works.

    Business owners as spokespeople

    However, studying practices in Belgium and overseas proves that if they are considered and integrated into plans from an early enough stage, business owners can become excellent representatives. Indeed, they can be a project’s best ambassadors, communicating with users of the district.

    The Atrium guide therefore outlines a series of good practices to implement from the announcement of works in a commercial district. These range from communication, to work with business owners affected and their participation in site meetings. They also include events organised to make area’s with building works a gathering place, rather than somewhere to avoid.

    Photo credit : Indexpouce

    The city as a spokesperson

    Today, Atrium notes with satisfaction that the various players in Brussels have gradually become more aware of this issue. Notably, this is reflected in the recent revision of compensation paid to business owners who have suffered damage. This will also be made visible in the actions of Brussels Minister for the Economy and Employment Didier Gosuin, Brussels Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Pascal Smet, and representatives of Brussels Inter-communal Transport (STIB) and Bruxelles-Mobilité.

    Are you ready to help us lay these foundations? Sign up below!

    February 28, 2017
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