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    – 29 October 2015 –

    In the context of its scenographic project in the Rue de Namur, Atrium.Brussels has undertaken to rehabilitate an old art deco shop window in the ephemeral art gallery. So, on 29 October, the iron curtain of number 64 goes up for the inauguration of the “Hidden” project.

    The Rue de Namur is traditionally considered to be the link between the Mont des Arts exhibition centre and the commercial centre that is Haut de la Ville. The thoroughfare however struggles to capture the flow of customers generated by the neighbouring streets. It suffers from commercial instability created by an unusually high turnover of shops.

    Since the end of 2014, the district has been put under the microscope by Atrium’s teams. Historical and geographical research, interviews with and surveys on users and traders, measurements, pedestrian flows are some of the tools used by the Agency to draw up the inventory of this area.

    The opening of the Hidden gallery follows a set of measures proposed by the Agency to provide the district with an attractive and coherent positioning.

    Hidden, revealer of hidden works

    The Hidden project, whose programming is entrusted to the photographer and video maker Elise Luong of Undecided Productions, aims to give unknown works a space in which to find their place in the artistic landscape and be put on display to the public. Indeed, according to the co-founder,  “Hundreds, or even thousands of works escape our gaze, voluntarily or otherwise, concealed due to being too recent, forgotten, with nowhere to be exhibited,…”

    The space will host various artists up to September 2016: so this is an opportunity for artists of all persuasions to invest in three impressive displays of their talent for nearly a whole year.

    Rue de Namur, revealer of talent

    The street already had its shooting event in December 2014, with the WIP, a pop-up store whose planning had been assigned to the Belgian Concept Store. Atrium had taken advantage of the transformation of the old medical practice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to take up residence there for 7 months. Ten or so creators thus had the opportunity to test out their concept at the least cost.

    In August 2015, courtesy of the culture department of Brussels Council, street art took to the walls of the Rue de Namur; six open-air frescos were inaugurated to reinforce the inextricable link uniting the shopping district with culture.

    Today it is the turn of the Hidden tower, the result of close collaboration between Atrium, the Rue de Namur traders’ Association, the INSAS and the Wallonie-Brussels Federation, to reveal some of our nation’s artists and enable them to shake up our conventions and awake our imagination.


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    October 29, 2015
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