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    – 1st December 2015 –

    Next Friday, December 6, Forest Abbey marks the start of the festive season with the Creative Market, a market dedicated exclusively to local designers and craftspeople.

    For one weekend, the beautiful Forest Abbey, at the heart of the Saint-Denis District, will be transformed into a Christmas market, welcoming designers of all kinds. Working in glass, paper, porcelain, silver and stone; cotton, wool, ink and silk, come and discover designs by Terratoiid, Kimono+, Les Racines, Les Tricots de Bri, Ben Artside, Porcepolis, PruneL’Art à Moi, ByCabotine, PlumeStyle Universe, Espace Verre, Idée de Fée, le Roi du Cuberdon,…

    As well as the market, various workshops will let you try your hand at knitting or jewellery making. Storytelling and massage sessions will also take place in the vaults of the building, between the tea room and food truck.

    Organised by the non-profit For-Event with the support of the Commune of Forest, the Brass Cultural Centre and Atrium.Brussels, the Creative Market will take place between 12:00 on Friday 4 December and 17:00 on Sunday 6 December. On Friday at 18:00 Sura Sol will be playing live at the opening event.


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    December 1, 2015
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