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    In 2017, we’ll work together


    – 18 janvier 2016 –

    Hell… who was that again? Whatever Sartre may say on the subject of other people, 2017 comes prefixed with “co”. Spurred by the technological revolution, the sharing economy has the wind in its sails like never before. Sharing goods, services or even knowledge through digital platforms, the “collaborative economy” is causing a shift in classic socioeconomic models. We’ve had car sharing, co-working, co-cooking, now its time for “co-businessing”.

    Would you buy a cow just for a glass of milk?

    The concept behind the sharing economy is simple: why buy when you can borrow? Why store when you can share? This rationale is replicated again and again in practically all sectors of society. For example, co-working offers freelance workers a shared space tailored to their needs. More than a simple office, it also gives the co-worker a genuine professional network. Brussels already has dozens of these spaces, a figure which looks set to increase in the coming months.

    Co-cooking, as famously offered by co-oking, is based on the same idea, but this time aimed at professionals in the hospitality industry – caterers, food trucks, etc. – who share the facilities and materials needed to prepare their dishes.

    The neologism co-businessing refers to businesses working together. It has emerged from the trend for pop-up stores, which allow several prospective shopkeepers to occupy a space in order to test out selling their respective products.

    Another interesting example is the Melting Pots project, launched through the Make.Brussels call for ideas, which, since December 2016, aims to create a district-wide ecosystem of customers and business owners, through the concept of small takeaway dishes.

    Photo Credit : Le Vif

    After Über the possibilities are endless

    Lend me your mower, I’ll lend you my mixer. Look after my dog, I’ll cook you a meal… Going beyond a simple exchange of goods, the sharing economy is increasingly proving to be a true incubator of ideas, especially in terms of co-creation. And as ten brains are always better than one, it leads to this. Or this. Or even this.

    Based on the concept of knowledge sharing, 2017 will see Atrium.Brussels officially launch Atrium.Lab, a living lab which aims to enable users in Brussels to work collaboratively in order to prototype and create solutions to issues related to the city in general and, more specifically, its businesses.


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    January 18, 2017
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